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10 Tools Every Gardener Needs in Their Shed

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Whether you are an avid gardener or just a hobbyist that wants to see things bloom in the spring, you need the right tools for the job. Gardening becomes much easier, and even more rewarding, when you are able to correctly prepare the ground, plant seeds and care for the plants in your garden so that they will thrive and complement your yard and home. 

Both vegetable and flower gardens take work, but that work can be made much simpler with the right tools. Here’s our list of the top 10 tools every gardener needs in their shed. 

Shovels and Spades 

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Shovels and hand spades make it possible to clear land for plants, dig holes to transplant plants and plant bulbs. Every gardener needs some shovels and spades in their collection of tools.

Look for a shovel with a pointed head so that you can more easily cut into the ground and a hand spade with a comfortable grip to make planting that much easier.



A raker is a must when it comes to clearing debris from your yard or flower beds and cleaning up after the fall leaves have dropped from the trees. Using a raker to clean up leaves will make your yard look better and will prevent leaves from becoming soggy and mouldy through the winter, which could damage your garden.

Rakers are also the perfect tool for digging things like dead leaves, sticks and other debris out from between plants or shrubs and make the job much easier. You can quickly pull a raker between plants to clear your beds and make room for new growth.



A hoe is especially important if you plan to grow a vegetable garden, but can come in handy for any gardener. Use this tool to easily make a trench for seeds and then burry them again. If you plan to create long rows of plants, a hoe can save you a lot of time and back pain!



Trowels are mainly used to till the soil to make it loose enough for planting. But, using a trowel will also till the soil and allow it to get more oxygen and keep the ground healthy and soft.

You can also use a trowel to clear an area of weeds, instead of kneeling to pull each weed individually. Drag the trowel over the weeded area to dig up the plants and tear them out of the ground. Then, come back with a rake and gather them up to remove them, making room for your plants.


Watering Cans, Hoses and Sprinklers


Reinforced Garden Hose / HSS Sales
Watering cans, hoses and sprinklers are essential for a gardener. All gardeners know their plants need water, and these tools make it easy to keep the soil moist and your plants healthy.

Consider getting a large watering can so you don’t have to refill it as you water your plants and look for a hose that comes with a wheel to wind it up on. These are much easier to store and are less likely to get tangled and damaged.

Even if you have an underground sprinkler system installed in your yard and garden, a sprinkler that you can attach to a hose will let you water areas that seem to be especially dry, despite the sprinkler system.


Lawn Mower

Makita Petrol Lawn Mower / HSS Sales

Every shed needs a lawn mower. There are all kinds of mowers to choose from and you can even get one that is self propelled, so that you don’t have to do as much pushing. If your yard is especially large, you can invest in a riding lawn mower that will make trimming your grass a snap.

Some gardeners actually save the clipping from their lawns to use as compost, something you may want to consider if you are interested in making your own nutrient-rich soil to supplement the soil in your garden or to use in pots, planters or raised gardens.


Hedge Trimmers 


Hedge trimmers are a must if you have any kind of bushes or hedges in your garden. With a good pair of hedge trimmers, you can keep these plants looking good and shape them anyway you want. Hedges that line your garden or bushes underneath windows often look better when they are evenly trimmed. 


Pruners make it possible to cut small branches off of trees and cut back plants that have become overgrown. Dead parts of plants can actually inhibit growth, and pruning your plants can encourage them to grow better and healthier.

When you keep a set of pruners on hand, you will be ready to take on anything from long fruit tree branches to dead plants to stray bushes.

Kneeling Pads

Every gardener knows that your knees will begin to ache if you kneel too long. You can solve this problem by keeping kneeling pads in your shed. These pads are made of foam and are tough enough to stand up to grass, dirt and even gravel.

They are perfect for kneeling over a garden as you pull weeds, plant seeds, pick vegetables, bury bulbs or prepare a flower bed for planting. Keeping a few on hand means you won’t have to drag them around the garden as you move between projects, but can keep a few around while you spend the day working.


If you plan on gardening this spring and summer, you need a good pair of gloves. When you wear gloves, you can tackle thorny plants, rough soils, rocks and almost anything else you might encounter in the garden.

Gloves are also necessary for protecting your hands and skin from cuts and bruises, so it is worth it to invest in a good pair that will keep you safe. Look for a pair made of leather or another heavy-duty material.

When it comes time to plan your garden and start planting next spring, make sure you have these 10 essential tools in your shed to make the job easier and to make your garden blossom like never before.  

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